Van Stof tot Asse 2008 - exhibition catalogue

Catalogue viewing this triennial contemporary art exhibition.
Commissioned by Galerij de Ziener.

Awarded with the Plantin Moretus Price 2009, category art books & catalogues.
Read more & download the Plantin Moretus 2009 catalogue!

Soft silk screen printed sleeve.
One colour offset printing on Munken Print white 115g, 132 pages, ft 17 x 23,5 cm.
Pictures: quadri offset printing on Maine single coated paper,
ft 9 x 13 cm.
© Galerij de Ziener & Hugo Puttaert - visionandfactory (2008)
Photography by © Lander Loeckx (Quasi), printed by NewGoff Ghent.
www.vanstoftotasse.be - www.quasi.be - www.newgoff.be




VSTA_2008_cover_back VSTA_2008_spread_3