Gallery of the Greats.
When designing the exhibition '21 years cultural posters in Flanders', we decided to build up a gallery with busts of the 65 graphic designers who each designed an issue of the international magazine 'Kwintessens' published by Design Flanders. We just 'googled'.
Sit back and enjoy!'

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dimensions: between A4 & A6.
printed in CMYK on Epson photo quality inkjet paper. Glued on black foamboard.
© Hugo Puttaert - visionandfactory (2012)
pictures by Katleen François.

Geoffrey_BrusattoJohan_Jacobs Jan_W_Hespeel

Randoald_SabbeMichael_Bussaer Tom_Hautekiet

Luk_MestdaghKoen_Bruyneel Michael_Samyn

Paul_BoudensOeyen_&_Winters Sander_Vermeulen


A little bit of PhotoShop, a little bit of InDesign, lots of black foamboard & spray glue.
Oh yes and toothpicks too!



Busts_Hugo_Puttaert_2 Busts_Hugo_Puttaert_1