Skip the intro - masterpublication - St Lucas University College of Art and Design, Antwerp

Edited by YellowPress & Sint Lucas Antwerpen.
With critical essay from Wouter Hillaert. Abcedarium composed by 26 guest lectures..

Spreads showing the work of:
Vincent Hagnauer, An Onghena,
Rogier Stoutjesdijk, Elies Thijs, Stijn Thomas and Saskia Van Der Gucht.
Cover: PMS & black offset printing on Arcodesign 285g + plastification.
Inside: quadri offset printing on Symbol Matt Plus Premium white 150g, 384 pages, ft 17 x 24 cm.

Concept and design by:
Linde Luyten & Hugo Puttaert, © YellowPress & visionandfactory (2015)

© Photography by Johan Luyckx
and Roger Laute. -


Masterboek_2014_3 Masterboek_2014_4