Paperfinder (paper collection for GPG Papier - MAP Group)
GPG Papier (formerly member of the MAP Group, nowardays Antalis) commissioned visionandfactory to design & develop a new paper collection. The goal was to develop a very compact and very comprehensive paper collection
for designers & printers. Soon afterwards, lots of competitors stole our idea ;-), lazy losers!
View on the box, the Color Guide and on the structure of one swatch (with comprehensive pictograms).
This project was nominated for the Henry van de velde Awards in 2004.

Several printing techniques, ft 20(w) x 16(d) x 21 (h) cm.
© visionandfactory (2003) Concept & design by Johan Jacobs & Christophe Heylen.
Art direction by Hugo Puttaert.


Paperfinder_2 Paperfinder_4

Paperfinder_3 Paperfinder_6


The genuine original & the followers!
A few months after the release of GPG Papier paper finder, some other paper merchants
launched their new paper collection! Well, well, where have we seen this yet?
They didn't pay us though!