21 years of cultural posters in Flanders
Hugo Puttaert playing the five- armed guitar. Thanks Rick Nelson (Cheap Trick).
A boy's dream that still is alive: 'I wanna be a drummer!' The only song, I could drum however
was 'Honky Tonk Woman' from the Rolling Stones.
During the exhibition '21 years of cultural posters in Flanders'  21 graphic designers were asked to design a special takeaway poster. This was my contribution.

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poster: ft 59,4 x 84 cm.
printed in CMK & Fluo on MultiArt Original white 130g.
© Hugo Puttaert - visionandfactory (2012)
pictures by Hugo Puttaert & Katleen François.

Hugo_Puttaert_five_armed_guitar_draft_2 Hugo_Puttaert_five_armed_guitar_draft_3


 Hugo_Puttaert_five-armed_guitar_draft_4 Design_Flanders_21_11